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The best anti rain spray for car and vehicle use

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2017)

Nothing spoils the look of a car quicker or easier than watermarks. You know the feeling. You’ve just picked up your car from the detailers down the street. They’ve done an exceptional job inside and out. Your paintwork is gleaming, the inside is pristine and fresh, your wheels shine like miniature suns. You’re feeling pretty good as you drive home.

Then you see the dark clouds on the horizon. You know that you aren’t going to make it home before it rains. Know that you won’t be able to garage your baby before the rain hits it. And know that this means your car is going to be covered in rain spots and watermarks when you pull it out of the garage tomorrow morning, with nothing you can do about it.

Or is there.

Name Capacity Rating
Nano NDT11D Dry Lubricant 11 oz / 325 ml
TriNova Windshield Rain Repellent 18 oz / 532 ml
Chemical Guys Convertible Top Protectant and Repellent 16 oz / 473 ml
303 Water and Stain Repellent 32 oz / 946 ml
Driven by Refresh Your Car 3.5 oz / 100 ml

NANO Dry Lubricant

If you’ve never heard of anti rain spray for car use, then today is going to be a good day. Developed from tech used by top race teams and extreme high end car companies, waterproof spray treatments use nanotechnology to bond with your paintwork and literally prevent rain from finding any sort of bond with your paint.

That means water just slides clean off of your paintwork, and when it can’t, for example when it’s sitting in the middle of your roof, then it just beads up and slides around like oil on ice.

The first consideration is the paintwork. Now, we’ve already got an article about the best water repellent nano coatings for paintwork, which you can find here: The six best types of nano waterproof spray for your car.

If you don’t have time to read the article, our number one recommendation is NANO Dry Lubricant. It’s a simple one coat application that dries in hours and protects exposed metalwork and alloy wheels as well as paint, meaning that one application can protect pretty much your entire car with the best water repellent action on the market. It’s also relatively inexpensive, considering what you’re getting, as well as anti-corrosive, so you don’t need to worry about acid rain or road based chemicals, especially in winter!


TriNova Windshield Rain Repellent

The next thing you’re going to want to waterproof is your windshield. Our best choice is Trinova Windshield Water Repellant. It’s designed specifically to waterproof glass, and provides absolute clarity of vision, no matter the weather conditions.

It’s easy to apply, with a simple one spray application that dries quickly and creatives a powerful protective surface over the top of any glass it’s applied to.

Once glass has been treated with this, water can’t stick to it. That means no matter how hard it’s coming down, you’re going to get the best visibility possible, and it’s going to make your wipers that much more efficient. As another bonus, you’re not going to get distracting watermarks or streaks on your glass anymore. It also works on snow and frost! Snow will slide straight off, and frost finds it so much harder to bond with your glasswork, so a simple spray of de-icer will scrape it clean off.


Chemical Guys Convertible Top Protectant and Repellent

If you’ve got a soft top convertible, you’re going to want to treat the fabric portion of your car separately. The best option for this is Chemical Guys convertible treatment spray. As you might have gathered from the name, it’s specifically designed to be used on convertible cars, and it’s literally made to keep the fabric cover of your new pride and joy clean and new looking.

Chemical guys know what they’re doing. They’ve been around years, and their products are all exceptionally effective, which is why we’ve recommended them before.

This spray works on every type of fabric used in car manufacture today, and on top of being water repellent, it’s also dirt and UV resistant. This is major, even though you might not realise why.


See, the biggest factor when it comes to tired looking soft tops is UV damage from the suns rays. And when do we get out our sporty little numbers? When the weather is good and the sun is out. That’s why it’s vitally important that you treat your soft top as soon as you get it, otherwise you’re going to be looking to replace that soft cover pretty damn soon.

If you’re going to use an anti rain spray for car use to treat the outside of your vehicle, then you might as well go the whole hog and treat the inside as well. Whilst you’re unlikely to get rain on the inside of your car, (well, unless you’ve got a convertible and get sneaked up on by a stormcloud,) these treatments keep the upholstery of your car clean and waterproof.

303 Water and Stain Repellent

That means spilt drinks, muddy shoes or just general daily wear and tear are far less damaging, keeping your car showroom fresh for longer.

The best of the bunch is 303 Fabric Guard. It’s a premium fabric and upholstery protector, specifically designed to keep fabrics clean by repelling water, dirt and oil without affecting the look or feel.

That means it’s completely safe to use across the entire inside of your car, from the seats to the foot wells, and even the surface on the inside of the roofing, making it repel water, stains and dirt for months after a single application. Whether you’re working in an office and just want to keep your car as clean as possible, or you’re in manual labor and need some way to keep your car free of dirt and dust, this is the best option out there.


Driven by Refresh Your Car

If you’ve come this far, you might also want to consider picking up a proper neutralising aerosol spray as well. Once you’ve refreshed your car’s appearance inside and out, there’s nothing worse than getting in to it and it not smelling clean. If that’s the case, grab one of these Driven Refresh sprays.

It’s a light citrus scent that doesn’t damage fabrics or upholstery, and will leave your car clean and fresh smelling.