Nano Waterproof Spray Electronics

How to nano waterproof spray electronics and phones: Keeping your devices clean and safe.

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2018)

2017 is a HUGE year for phones, with the iPhone 7S, Galaxy S8, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, as well as loads of others coming out.

As we all know, phones are expensive, especially if you’re constantly upgrading, and insurance packages only get more and more expensive with them. There’s nothing worse than getting yourself a new phone, only to have it break a few weeks or even days later in an easily preventable accident.

Thankfully, there are now multiple ways to keep your phone safe, protecting it from anything that could possibly hurt it.

Protecting your screen

The most important part of your phone is the screen. I mean, it sounds obvious, but without that screen your phone is just a pretty little brick of plastic. So why do we all know so many people who have a phone screen that’s shattered, and they’re still struggling on because they either don’t have insurance or they’re waiting on delivery of a new phone.

Especially when it’s so simple to protect your screen. In the past, the only real way to protect your screen was with a screen cover or bulky phone case, which both look and feel horrible.

Now, though, there’s a far better option. Nano waterproofing sprays. Now, you can literally hit your phone with a simple spray that protects the screen, and makes it so waterproof that liquids simply bead up and fall clean off.

Here’s the best three options when you’re looking to nano waterproof spray electronics and phones.

Nano Defender Liquid Screen Protector

The single best option, and one we’ve seen recommended in multiple places, Nano Defender is an exceptional spray, whether you’re looking for to nano waterproof spray electronics, phones, tablets, laptops, even cameras.

It’s perfect for the whole family, with one can protecting anywhere up to eight devices, and it’s simple and easy to apply. You literally just have to spray it on.

Once you’ve sprayed it on and left it to dry, the finish is amazing. You won’t be able to see or feel it, but the screen that you’ve just treated is now covered in a few molecule thick coating that’s as hard as tempered glass. This means it’s protected against scratches and other physical damage. That fingerprints and other smears can just be wiped clean with a dry cloth, and most importantly that water and other fluids cannot penetrate it.

Because it’s so damn simple to use and you can protect up to eight things, this is our best choice. But there are other options, like Broad High Tech Nano Screen Protector.

Broad screen protector offers a similar protection level to Nano Defender. It’s just as waterproof, and just as hard, so you don’t need to worry about your phone once it’s been treated with this.

So why is it not top rated? Two simple reasons. The first is the application. Nano Defender is a spray, and can be used as easy as a quick squirt over your phone. This comes as a wipe, and whilst it’s still incredibly easy to use, I found it a touch less convenient.

The second reason is, once you’ve opened the pack, you can’t reseal a wipe. So whilst you can easily use it to treat several devices, you have to do it all at once. Nano Defender can just be left in the cupboard until you need it again, and it’s that convenience I love.

There’s also Glass Guard Sapphire, which is one of the longest lasting nano waterproof spray electronics treatments available, lasting up to two years with one application. I find that amazing, and considering the normal person goes about that long before upgrading, you can buy this, apply it to your phone and relax, knowing that you’re protected for the full lifetime of your product.

Glass Guard is another wipe applicator, so if you are buying it, bear that in mind.

Keeping screen clarity and visibility

Do you know anyone who has a phone, but the screen is always covered in oily fingerprints, making it hard to read and gross to touch? Or maybe you’re frustrated because, after just a few minutes of use, your tablet is covered in little marks and swirls.

This especially happens a lot with kids…

If that’s the case, now you’ve gone through all the trouble of protecting your screen, you need to keep it clean.

The best option we’ve found is this complete screen cleaner kit, from Screen Mom. If you pick it up, you’re getting both a spray and a microfibre cloth, the same used to polish high end electronics in showrooms, which will bring your electronics up to a mirror finish.

It’s tested on all major brands, and safe to use on everything from an iPhone all the way up to your 60” LED television. It’s perfectly safe, with a plant based formula that’s completely kid and animal friendly, with no odor, alcohols, or phosphates.

Even better, it’s really great value for money, costing literally a couple of cents per spray.

If you don’t fancy Screen Mom screen cleaner, Bryson have another option. It’s just as good a cleaner, with a streak free finish that cuts through fingerprints, oil, and dust, and it also comes with a microfibre cloth, a huge bonus if you’re looking for a mark less screen.

The final thing you might want to consider is a compressed air spray, like this one from Dust Off.

Compressed air sprays are great for getting rid of dust and other residue on phones and tablets, and it’s doubly important to use on laptops, cameras and other electronics. Keyboards especially can get full of dust and crumbs that you otherwise can’t get to, and a can of compressed air in the office drawer can sort this, just by giving your desk a quick blast every now and again.