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The 6 Best types of Nano Waterproof Spray for your car

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

Every owner of a new car is terrified of his little baby getting damaged. We know the drill. For months after your purchase you’re gonna be parking half a foot from the pavement, crawling over bumps in the road, and in extreme cases even changing your route to work to avoid anything possibly hurting your pride and joy.

But what about the damage you don’t see? What about the slowest, most insidious, but near constant source of damage that your car is going to be experiencing, every single day that you drive it?

I’m talking paintwork damage. Every tiny stone kicked up by the car in front, every dead bug and splash of bird droppings does irreversible damage to your paintwork. But the worst is rain. Because all rain is slightly acidic, every single drop that falls on your car goes some way to scouring the paint surface off. The effect is only tiny, but over time it adds up and leaves your car looking tired and old.

This is just something we have to deal with. But there is a way to majorly lessen the impact of all this has on your car. No. Not driving it only when the sun’s out. Nano waterproofing spray.

Nano waterproof spray is a simple to use, 100% safe and invisible coating you spray over the paintwork and glass of your car to protect it from the elements. A lot of nano sprays even have UV protection built in as well, keeping your baby safe from the harsh rays of the sun.

Bewildered yet? I was. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about looking at the dizzying range of products out there. We’ve found the best nano waterproof sprays and assembled them right here for you.

Nano Dry Lubricant

For the absolute best protection against water, corrosion and long term damage, this is the only choice. It’s simple to apply, needs only one coat and dries fast, meaning you could treat your car early one Saturday morning and be out by the afternoon, enjoying driving worry free again.

On top of that, the spray also lubricates and protects exposed metal surfaces, meaning you can spray it over exhausts, wheel bearings and other similar areas to keep them from sticking or galling. It’s also completely safe to use on any vehicle, not just cars, so you guys out there with bikes and quads, this is for you too.


Chemcal Guys Hybrid High Gloss Spray Sealant and Detailer

For a spray that’s better suited to enhancing paintwork and making your car look even better, this is the spray of choice. Optical select clarity and transparent polymers bring your car to a greater shine, and specifically enhance metallic paint, plus it bonds incredibly fast, so no sitting about waiting for it to sink in once you’ve finished the treatment.

It can be used on any type of paint, and even works on glass. Used as a finishing touch as part of any car detailing regime, it’s going to bring up any car to a gleaming shine. All of this, and remember it’s still a nano spray, so it’s going to protect your vehicle from water damage, corrosion, and even UV damage.



Rain Dance All Surface Detailer

As an every day usage nano waterprood spray, this is our choice. As well as being suitable for the outside of your car, it’s just as usable on the interior, as long as you aren’t spraying it directly onto leather seats or other absorbent fabrics.

It’s non-smear, and as well as protecting, this spray will also repair minor scratches and discoloration in your cars paintwork. Plus it comes in an easy to use spray bottle, so it’s as simple as point and click to apply it.



Nano Pika Pika Rain Type H Detailing Spray

Japanese made, this little bottle lasts forever, with enough in the bottle to potentially coat 10 SUVs. Coming from the land of the rising sun, with their typhoons and 80% humidity, you know this thing has to work extra hard to protect their cars, and if it works over there, it has to work here.

Like all nano sprays, this helps repel water and fight off the damage from other environmental effects, but this does double duty to prevent water marks on your car, so if it’s sat outside at night through a long rainstorm, you’re going to come out the next morning to see her still looking like she’s just been washed.



CarPro Ceramic Paint Protection Kit

If you’ve never used a nano-spray before, or you’ve just got a new car, perhaps even your first car, and you’re looking for the best option to keep it clean and protected, this spray comes as a whole kit, so you won’t have to purchase anything else alongside it.

Anti-static and weather resistant, this treatment bonds to the surface of your car and leaves it with a coating that will actively repel water, potentially for up to two years.

On top of the spray, you’re also getting a whole set of towels, sponges, glass cloths, and a wheel decontaminator, exceptional if you have alloys you want to keep shiny. The only downside is you’re only getting one bottle of each, but there’s always the option to pick up more if you need it.


Nano-tech Series Detailing Pack

Another complete set of products to clean and detail your car from start to finish, With this set you get six separate cleaning products, all enhanced with nano-technology, so not only is the outside of your car going to be pristine and protected, the interior will be razor sharp and protected from errant spills and dirt, too.

The real attraction for this package though is the fact that it’s got a rock solid 100% guarantee, to the point that you can return the entire set at any point and get your money back. Yeah, that means you could use this to death, then send it back and get a refund. Obviously we don’t recommend doing that, but it’s great to have that security sitting at your back, just in case.