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What is the the best nanotechnology coating for automotive paint?

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

There’s a lot of options out there when it comes to protecting the paintwork of your car, but the single best option, the one recommended both by us and by the vast majority of professionals out there, is a nanotechnology protection coating.

See, unlike conventional waxes and other paint protectors, a nanotechnology coating for automotive paint protection actually bonds with the paintwork of your car at a molecular level. We all know the feeling of washing our cars one bright Saturday, then getting out of bed the next morning, looking out of the window to see grey clouds gathering and knowing that the rain is going to wash all of our good work away.

Nanotechnology based car care products don’t let this happen. Once you’ve applied them, they create a nigh impenetrable shell around the paintwork of your car, so not only does it last for ages, (up to 5 years, depending on the product you get) but it’s also a huge protective barrier around the pristine paintwork of your pride and joy.

Problem is, like always, there’s a massive variation in products available out there, and some of them are better than others. That’s why we’ve picked out the four most recommended, and listed them below.

Top choice: Nanotol Car Care Combo

The best out of all of our choices, and one of the best we could find. The Nanotol range by CeNano is a premium range of car care products that protect, clean, and shed water like no one’s business. (CeNano also make boat care products, so it’s fair to say they know what they’re doing when it comes to waterproofing.)

This is a complete kit, with everything you need to cover and protect your car, start to finish, as well as everything you’ll need to care for it after it’s treated, keeping her gleaming and clean.

First off is the proprietary Nanotol Car Care Combo solution. Like all good nanotech paint protection, this seals off the paintwork of your car from the elements, protecting it from water, oil, dirt, even damaging UV rays from the sun! But more than that, it’s also a cleaner. See, a lot of nano-based paint protectors require that you basically scrub your car down and make it absolutely pristine before you apply the protector. If you don’t, it can lead to problems down the line. CeNano’s products do it for you, cleaning as they go, so you pretty much can’t go

Once your car is treated, you can start using the included shampoo. This is especially formulated to go with the nano-treatment, and according to the makers using it properly cuts down cleaning times and keeps your car cleaner for up to twice as long. Great news for us guys, and saving a massive amount of time in the long run.

If you don’t need the kit, there’s also an option to buy the bottles separately. Just the treatment, treatment and primer, shampoo, whatever you need. All in one place.

Honestly, for anyone whose looking to keep their car protected and clean, this is the simplest and best one stop solution out there. It’s got everything you need already included, and it’s really easy to use. You can buy it here.

Alternative choice:  MicroDetailer MD Ceramic 3 Year Protection

If the Nanotol didn’t catch your eye, there’s always this kit.

It doesn’t come with shampoo, but apart from that it’s got everything you need to clean and treat your car with the best type of nanotechnology coating for automotive paint out there. The included pot of primer makes cleaning and preparing your car simple, especially considering the wealth of microfibre cloths and sponges that also come with it, and once you’ve stripped your car down and got it ready, applying the treatment itself is simple.

The formula used in this treatment is incredibly hydrophobic, leading to water literally beading and dropping straight off of your car, so if you live in an area with a lot of rainfall or you’re just really worried about water damage to your beautiful car, this is the best option on the list.

It’s also good for 3 years of general use, which considering the price you can pick it up for, is a steal!


Best for color: MotoShield Pro

Lets say you’re a man who knows his way around a garage, and you’ve already got everything you need to clean and apply a treatment like this to your car, and you only want a good treatment, What then?

Then you get MotoShield Pro. Another 3 year treatment, this one comes with just the nanotechnology protectant itself, so you aren’t paying extra for paraphernalia like cloths and sponges.

Water, dirt and oil resistant, this product is also designed to enhance the color of your car, so if you’ve got an eye catching, vibrant paint job, this is only going to bring it to the next level.

It’s also certified for use on boats, so if you’ve got a boat you need water treating, or you’re looking to treat your car and your boat, this is an excellent choice.


Best Budget Option: PaintArmor DIY Protection

For the discerning man on a budget, PaintArmor is a simple little bottle of treatment that you can slap on in an afternoon that lets you breathe easy, knowing your pride and joy is protected, without breaking the bank into the bargain.

For a handful of change you’re getting a bottle of easy to apply nanotechnology coating for automotive paint that will last around 3 months, and can be applied at home in your garage with a standard brush or roller!

It’s just as good a protector as the rest of the list. Water, dirt, oil, even bug and animal debris just brush or rinse straight off, leaving the paint underneath clean and shiny. It makes cleaning and waxing your car so much simpler, and it makes it last so much longer once you’ve washed your car.

The only real downside. This treatment only lasts months instead of years. But if you’re looking for a first treatment, if you haven’t used a nanotechnology paint protection treatment before, or you’re just on a strict budget for a time being, then this is still an excellent option that will keep your car safe and clean.


No matter which treatment you choose, if you pick one of the above you know that you’ll be getting an easy to apply, quality product that will keep your car shiny, clean and protected from damage. So why would you wait? Every day you hesitate is another day that something could happen to your car. Clear some space in your calendar to get the treatment done and pick some up today!