Water Resistant Spray For Clothes

The best water resistant spray for clothes in 2017

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

Lets face it, whether it’s because of work or leisure, a lot of us spend a hell of a lot of time exposed to the elements, whether it’s trying to work on soaking scaffolding, out on the golf course with clients, or standing in the rain watching your son blitz past the opposing defence to score the winning touchdown.

When you’re outside a lot, you need to be waterproof, and there’s an entire market of waterproof products out there now, enough to cover you from top to toe ten times over. We’re not here to besmirch the reputation of these companies, but we’ve always noticed a few issues with waterproof clothes. Principle among them that, especially with heavy use, the waterproofing starts to come off, especially in areas that see heavy use and movement. This of course leads to water getting into your clothes and you getting soaked, especially because by the time you’ve noticed that water is getting in, it’s already too late.

So what do you do? Do you go out and drop a couple hundred on a new jacket or pair of boots?

Well, you could. Or you could spend a tenth of the price on a water resistant spray for clothes that will reapply the waterproofing for months on end, and last long enough that you can easily treat everything in your wardrobe. There’s quite a few options out there, but we’ve reduced them down to the best five, in our opinion.

Nasiol Perwear

Nasiol make nano-based coating sprays for every product imaginable, and as they’re one of only four R&D companies researching into the properties of nano sprays and protective coatings, there pretty much isn’t anyone better out there. That’s why this is our number one.

It lasts for ages, can be used on literally everything, and leaves no residue or surfacing. There simply isn’t a better product for treating your clothing right now.



About the product: Why this is the best water resistant spray for clothes

  • Multi-use. It’s usable on any sort of fabric. Your clothes. Upholstery, carpets, curtains and rugs. Even in your car.
  • 6 month durability time. It lasts for ages between treatments.
  • Durable up to 110 degrees
  • Stain free, so no one will ask why your jacket has gone a funny color
  • UV protection, keeping your curtains and carpets free of sun damage
  • Two year shelf life. Slap it in the cupboard and forget about it until it’s time to use it again.


CeNano Textol Sealant

If we hadn’t found Nasiol’s HomeTex spray above, then we’d definitely have chosen CeNano Textol. Regular readers around here will know that we love CeNano’s products, and there’s a reason for that.

They’re consistently some of the best on the market in performance and quality, and normally really reasonable when it comes to pricing too. If you buy anything from CeNano, you’ll never be disappointed.

About the product

  • Usable on any fabric. Delicate enough to use on sensitive material like silk, and even works on wood and paper.
  • Leaves the fabric fully breathable. No locked in moisture or closed off fabric leaving you sweating underneath.
  • Environmentally friendly, with no solvents and dispersed with a water based vector
  • Great value for money. One can will treat up to 45 sq. feet of material


Tarrago High Tech Nano Protector Spray

The cheapest of our choices, this spray is excellent for someone needing a more budget friendly option, without skimping on quality. Obviously you’re not going to get the same performance as you would from a more expensive product, but out of every water resistant spray for clothes we looked at under $20, this one performed the best.

About the product

  • Safe to use on any material, including suede, velvet and leather.
  • Solid performance when it comes to cleaning. Water and dirt just pearl off of treated fabrics.
  • Material stays breathable. No dampness or discomfort
  • Doesn’t change the appearance of the treated product in any way

Check our full Tarrago Hightech Nano Protector Spray review


AlwaysDry USA Textile and Leather Hydrophobic Spray

An exceptional water resistant spray for clothes and other fabrics, the performance on this spray is fantastic, easily comparable to the top two sprays on our list. It also lasts forever, the longest protective time out of products we’ve reviewed. It’s very expensive for what you’re getting, with a much smaller bottle volume and area covered for your dollar, but when you balance it against how long it lasts, it begins to make sense.

About the product

  • Suitable for use on every type of fabric, as well as leather
  • Excellent protective qualities across a whole range of fabrics and materials.
  • Extremely long protective time after treatment, with an average of 18 months to two years, which is far longer than most comparable products
  • Long shelf life, so anything left over can be stored away for later use


Saphir Nano Invulner Protector

Designed for use much more often than other sprays, Invulner is an excellent water resistant spray for clothes and gives solid protection to anything you spray it on. Considering it’s specifically designed to fight against wind, rain and snow, it’s an excellent product for people who need to make sure their clothes are protected, but don’t expect to see their spray needing a lot of use.



About the product

  • Works on any material, including leather and TEX based materials, (Gore-tex etc)
  • Lasts around a month per application, so perfect if you want occasional waterproof security rather than long term protection
  • Good value, with a large can that lasts a long time
  • French made and imported. None of this Chinese knock offs.