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What’s the best waterproofing spray for wood in 2017?

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

Lets say you’ve just laid down some brand new decking or put up a summer house in your garden. You’re proud of your work. The wife looks on adoringly as your kids run all over it. You’re proud of yourself. Now you just need to make sure that all your hard work stays that way.

One of the single biggest threats to exposed woodwork is water damage. You know as well as I do that over time, water will seep into wood, leaving it soft and rotting it from the inside until it finally goes with that sickening wet crack we all dread.

It’s true a lot of paints are adding specific waterproofing paints to their mix, but if you really want to be protected, you’re going to want to look at a dedicated waterproofing spray for wood. A product designed with the express purpose of keeping exposed woodwork proof against the elements for years on end.

That’s why we’ve found the absolute best three wood waterproofing sprays, and broken down where they’re best and why you’d want them

Best for outdoors: Nasiol Homewood

Designed specifically to be used on items like garden furniture, door and window frames, fencing, decking and exposed beams, Nasiol’s homewood spray system prolongs the lifetime of whatever you spray it on by making it proof against all liquids including water and oils, whilst still letting the material underneath breathe, so that means no nasty surprises with trapped damp.

It lasts around 6 months per application, so one treatment at the end of summer will take you all the way through to the beginning of spring, and each application covers around 60 square meters of wood, so you can easily hit a standard garden full of furniture or work out exactly how much you’re going to need to cover your fencing.

Lastly, it doesn’t affect the surface you spray it on, either in appearance or feel, so you can spray away safe in the knowledge that you’re secure for the next six months.

Best for household: CeNano Textol Sealant Pro

Able to be used on any porous, absorbent surface, not just wood, Textol by CeNano is the premier anti-water treatment for indoors. It’s so safe, you can literally just spray it on everything and watch water bead off of it. That means if you’ve got a couch with wooden legs and fittings, you don’t have to worry about getting the spray on the upholstery. In fact, cover the whole thing and keep it waterproofed and safe.

Completely invisible and undetectable to touch, this waterproofing spray for wood is fully water and oil repellent so liquids just bead right off and are able to be mopped up, whilst still leaving whatever you treat open to the air enough that it’s breathable, preventing locked in moisture or the wood from drying out from lack of air exposure.

It’s environmentally friendly, with a water  rather than solvent based dispersion system that also makes it healthier to use indoors.

Because of the fact that this isn’t just a wood treatment, rather a spray that can be used to waterproof damn near anything including furniture, rugs and clothing, it’s hard to beat when it comes to household use. There’s also the option to buy packages, saving money in the long run or for anyone who might need  industrial levels of waterproofing spray for wood.

Overall, like all CeNano products, this is exceptionally good at what it does and we wholly recommend it.

Best for old wood: Nano-it Wood Cleaner and Oil Polish

If you’ve got old furniture that has sentimental value, but it’s just too tired to put out, then you’ve probably thought about getting it restored. But that’s incredibly expensive and you just don’t know what sort of finish your beloved heirloom will come back with.

That’s why a lot of us never get it done, without realising how easy it can actually be to do at home. Now, I’m not saying we can all start a side business in antiques, but a quick spritz and polish with this product will bring old wood up and restore it in minutes.

A cleaner and polish, it strips oxidation, the discoloring that you see on particularly old wood that was never originally treated, or simply had its protective seal wear off. It brings any type of wood to a glossy, lustrous shine, and actually helps to restore wood to its original appearance.

It’s also good for treating new furniture, and will go a long way to keeping them looking new for a long time to come.

Oil free and safe to use on damn near anything, Nano-it is also a nano-particulate based oil, so treatment with this leaves wood water repellent, just in case of unfortunate accidents. If you’ve got something you need brought to the best finish it can have, this is an excellent choice.