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Keep your iPhone safe: Qmadix Liquid Glass review

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2018)

If you could get $100 to repair your phone when the screen got cracked, would you?

That $100 would cover pretty much the entire cost of replacement, which is fantastic, as we all know someone that’s shattered the screen right after buying a brand new phone, and just had to stick it out for the next year, until they could get a replacement.

So what do I have to do?

It’s simple. Once you’ve bought Qmadix liquid glass and taken it out of the packaging, you’ll be holding a small cloth pad saturated with liquid screen protector.

All you have to do is wipe it over your screen, give it a few minutes to dry, then benefit from 9H hardness screen protection for the entire next year.

Because that’s how long it lasts. An entire year of protection from scratches and knocks. 9H hardness is the toughest in the industry, and it’s so resistant to scratches that you need special industrial tools or actual gemstones to scratch it!

As a bonus, Qmadix is also water repellent, so unfortunate splashes are far less likely to cause damage, and bacteria resistant. This last part is important because our phones are secret breeding grounds for tons of bacteria. Most peoples phones actually have around 15-20 times the amount of bacteria that you’d find in a public restroom!

Qmadix can be used on anything with a touch screen. That means tablets as well as phones. It’s also safe to use on every major brand of phone, so whether you’ve got an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC or even something else, you can be sure that Qmadix will keep it safe and sound.


How does it work?

Once you’ve read our Qmadix liquid glass review and decided to buy some, all you need to go is apply Qmadix liquid glass to your screen. This actually coats it in a hyper advanced, technologically sound nano protective coating, which is a liquid suspension of tiny little polymer particles that coat your phone then harden, creating an incredibly thin but ridiculously tough barrier directly on top of the screen itself.

You might think that this would interfere with the touch screen system, but you’d be wrong. In fact, it’s possible that your touch screen could become more responsive.

It does this by filling in the tiny little holes that are on your screen, but are so small that they can only be seen under a microscope. Even glass has these surface imperfections, and under normal circumstances, it gives things like fluids and body oils enough surface tension that they can grip on to it. But nano treatment sprays like this fill in these tiny little holes with nano-particles, ridiculously small molecules, leaving your screen completely smooth, so nothing can find a hold.

This also means that your phone will be much easier to clean. No more expensive cleaning sprays or rubbing at stubborn finger marks. Just one quick wipe with a cloth is usually enough to get it spick and span again!

Most phones are already treated with something similar, when they come out of the factory. But the coating used by most companies is mass market, and they’re applying it to so many phones it makes sense for them to use a coating that’s not as strong, because it works out so much cheaper. For them.

But for you, you want to keep your phone safe, and by using Qmadix, you can make sure that your screen coating is the absolute highest quality out there. Plus, Qmadix offer a $100 guarantee, so that if your phone breaks whilst it’s applied, you’re looking at a nice cash sum to put towards getting it repaired, if it doesn’t just cover the whole cost!

If you want to protect your phone, there really is no reason not to buy it. After all, if your phone breaks, once you claim back the $100, it’s paid for itself more than twice over. It’s literally the easiest step you can take, so after you’ve finished reading this Qmadix liquid glass review, make sure to order some off of Amazon and get protected, today.



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