Terrago Spray Usage On New Balance Shoes

Is the best spray to waterproof clothes Tarrago hightech nano protector spray?

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2017)

We spend a lot of money on how we look, and whether we’re dropping a few hundred on a new suit for the office or a touch of class for that big night out, we all want to look good.

One of the major problems when it comes to keeping our clothes clean, fresh and looking brand new is unexpected water damage. Nothing tires out fabrics quicker than sitting damp and rumpled for hours. It washes out the color and deals long term, lasting damage to the fibres that make up your clothes, so they end up looking old and cheap.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you protect yourself. And the best and easiest way is to use a good waterproofing product, like Tarrago hightech nano protector spray.

Top Alternative Products

Name Size Rating
Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector 7 oz.
Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent 8 oz.
TriNova Leather Water Repellent & Protectant 8 oz.
Moneysworth & Best Suede & Nubuck Protector 5.6 oz.
Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Spray-On Waterproofing 4.2 oz.
Kiwi Suede Protector 4.25 oz.

What are the benefits of using tarrago hightech nano protector spray on your clothes and shoes?

Obviously, the main benefit is the waterproofing protection ( Check our full review of water resistant sprays for clothes) . Material treated with Tarrago nano protector spray is basically impervious to fluids. Water just beads up and runs clean off without being absorbed, and it’s incredibly resistant to almost any other fluid. Out of pretty much any product on the market, Tarrago nano protector spray has one of the best waterproofing effects out there.

As a by-product of the treatment, fabrics also become incredibly resistant to dirt and staining. Because the individual strands of material are much harder to penetrate, dirt and muck finds no purchase and cannot penetrate into the fabric itself, so you can literally just wipe dirt straight off of anything you’ve treated with the spray.

Tarrago protector spray is absolutely safe to use, no matter what you need to protect. It can be used on any material, from gore-tex and other tough, waterproof fabrics, all the way down to the even the most sensitive fabrics with absolutely no change in texture, color or look. Canvas, leather, lambskin. Even suede and velvet are good to go with this spray!

It’s also safe on your body. Some waterproofing methods work by locking in moisture, which leads to overheating and sweating, especially when you treat shoes or boots. Fabrics treated with Tarrago protective spray retain 100% breathability, which means no risk of sweaty feet when you’re on that important date.


(This doesn’t mean it’s safe to breathe. This is still an aerosol based product. Please do not use it in confined spaces and take adequate measures to protect yourself and your family.)

Using this spray, you can easily reapply waterproof coating on existing clothes: Over time the waterproof coating on clothes and boots wears off. But just a simple spray application of Tarrago hightech nano protector spray will reapply the waterproof coating, pretty much good as new, as and when you need it.

One important thing about Tarrago nano spray is that it’s made from a non-silicone formula: Silicone based sprays are basically the same chemical make-up as lubricants you’d use in your car, but some manufacturers still insist on using them for sprays designed for clothes and shoes. Obviously, this can really affect the look and feel of your clothes, and you have to be incredibly careful when you’re applying it.

Instead, Tarrago hightech nano protector spray is made from 100% safe and stable fluoropolymer. Fluoropolymer, like Teflon, are a completely non-reactive, friction reducing compounds that are widely used in everything and absolutely safe, so won’t affect your fabrics, no matter how delicate they might be.

A great bonus is that Tarrago spray also smells a whole lot better than the nearest competitor, Scotch guard, making it a lot more pleasant to use.

Who is Tarrago hightech nano protection spray for?

Honestly, almost anyone could benefit from grabbing a couple of these. They can be used for literally almost anything. Tarrago waterproofing spray is great for:

  • Exercise and other outdoor activities
    If you play any sports, especially sports where you spend a lot of time outside like golf, you know how important waterproof clothing is. Waterproofing is also huge if you’re into walking or hiking, as well as short and long distance running.
  • If you’re into more extreme sports like snowboarding and skiing, or water sports and sailing, you’re also gonna want to grab some waterproofing. Y’know. Because you’re spending all day around water.
  • Manual labour and other outdoor careers
  • Waterproof jackets and boots are widely used in construction and industrial careers. Military and law enforcement applications. Grounds keeping, ocean fishing, and more. If you’re ever caught in the rain whilst you work and you want to be waterproof, this is the way forward.
  • Tarrago is also excellent for use on high-visibility jackets and other things you need for health and safety, like helmets and reinforced boots.
  • Office workers
  • A quick spray of Tarrago keeps your suits, shirts and shoes looking their best. Waterproofing and stain resistance keeps you safe on long commutes or from accidents in the office, and getting trapped by rainstorms doesn’t have to matter any more.

High end clothing

Waterproofing sprays keeps clothes cleaner and looking newer longer, so you’re going to get far more use out of your purchases, so you look better, longer.

The treatment makes clothes much easier to clean, even if they haven’t been stained or soiled.

Because Tarrago makes clothes hugely fluid resistant, it’s exceptional for clothes you’re gonna wear on a night out. Spilt drinks and makeup stains aren’t a thing to worry about any more. Now you’ll be able to have a few drinks and have fun without worrying about your outfit or bag all night.
No matter who you are or where you’re from, a can of Tarrago hightech nano protection spray will always be useful. Now summer’s coming, it’s the perfect time to grab some to keep yourself safe on your long weekends and sudden springtime rainstorms.