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The four best nano coatings for stainless steel

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2017)

There’s no better feeling than stepping into your kitchen or bathroom and seeing your own face reflected in every gleaming fitting. When it comes to clean, distinguished lines, nothing looks better in the home than polished stainless steel. It’s modern yet classic, it suggests luxury without being crass, and it’s solid, dependable and tough.

If only it wasn’t such a pain to keep clean.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the same thing I have. You spend an hour or two cleaning your kitchen thoroughly, leaving everything pristine and shining, and it all looks great. But when you come back to it ten minutes later, the normal kitchen cleaners you’ve used have dried streaky, ruining the finish of not just your metal surfaces, but by association everything else around them as well.

It’s disappointing, but it’s easily fixed, with a dedicated stainless steel cleaning spray.

Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish

Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner and PolishOut of the best nano coatings for stainless steel, this absolutely takes our vote, as it’s the best stainless steel cleaner out there.

Made from plant based ingredients, it’s uniquely environmentally friendly and incredibly safe to use. The company behind it don’t believe in polluting either the environment or your home and family with toxins, so this is made from natural compounds. Because of that, it also smells absolutely fantastic, with no harsh chemical backdrop or need to wear any special masks or gloves.

Despite this, it still cleans as good as a traditional chemical cleaner, melting through stains and smears and leaving your steel surfaces shining and clean.

Because this is a nano based spray, it not only clean, but also protects, too. Once you’ve applied this spray to your surfaces, they’re going to be protected until the next time you clean them, so dirt, dust and fingerprints become much easier to clean off and deal with. Just one quick wipe with a dry paper towel is usually enough to clean off any problem areas.

It comes with a microfibre towel, as well. Microfibre towels like this are less rough than standard towels, with smaller, denser fibres. It cleans better, polishes better, and the finish you get with a microfibre towel is incomparable to a normal cloth.

Considering all of this, it’s an easy recommendation to make. If you want the best steel cleaning and polishing out there, all while being family friendly, then you need this product in your life.


Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner

Weiman Stainless Steel CleanerYou know Weiman make exceptional quality cleaning products, because they’re certified by the Good Housekeeping Guide. They’re specialist in surface cleaning, and it really does show.

In terms of cleaning power and finish, this is a brilliant product. It slices through grease and dirt with barely any effort and leaves whatever you’re using it on clean and so shiny you can see your reflection in it.

It smells great, a flowery scent that’s pleasant without being overpowering, and it left my kitchen smelling like I’d just used a plug in spray for an hour after I was done, which really added to the experience.

The only real downsides are the fact that it can’t be used on food prep areas, so if you’ve got any areas that come into contact with food, you can’t use this on them, and there’s no cloths included.

It’s an incredibly powerful cleaner though, and goes a little further than the Therapy brand cleaner, so if you’ve got a large kitchen and bathroom, or a lot of area to cover, I’d recommend this.


3M Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish

3M Stainless Steel Cleaner and PolishAnother excellent product from a recognised brand, 3M spray is the best budget option on our list, because it’s cheaper in general, with the option to buy in bulk for major savings.

Unlike the above two sprays, this one comes in an aerosol spray can, saving your fingers a lot of effort! It certainly makes it easier to use, especially when you’re covering a large area.

3M spray is also specifically noted to cling to vertical services, making it a perfect pick up if you’ve got a large stainless steel refrigerator, shower fittings or other appliances.

Again, it can’t be used on surfaces that are coming into direct contact with food, but like all of the best nano coatings for stainless steel, it’ll coat whatever you’re using it on with a protective covering that makes keeping it clean and streak free simple.

It’s also rated for commercial usage, which when you combine with the bulk buy savings, making this great for restaurants and other businesses that have a lot of steel to keep clean and health and safety certified.


Sprayway Stainless Steel Cleaner

Sprayway Stainless Steel Cleaner

The last of our list of best nano coatings for stainless steel, Sprayway cleaner is a good general option that has no outstanding features. Just solid performance and general cleaning power.

It’s not expensive, and you get almost twice as much for your money as you would buying the Therapy spray. It cleans well, but probably not as good as the Weiman spray, and it’s obviously not the most expensive product, but 3M’s spray is still a better option.

It also feels quite oily to the touch, but once it’s on and polished in, you won’t feel that at all. You’ll only be able to see the great job it’s done making all your steel surfaces shining clean.

Whilst this isn’t the best product on our list, it’s by no means a bad product. I would recommend any of the others first, but if you do decide to buy this, you’re not going to be disappointed, and you’re going to get a great deal.