Forcefield Fabric Protector review

Pretty much the most expensive thing in most houses is going to be your couch and chairs.

It’s a great big irony that this is also one of the things in the house that’s going to see the most use, especially if you’ve got kids and pets.

All it takes is one unfortunate accident and you’re looking at a bill of several hundred, or even thousand, dollars, depending on how bad it is.

This is something that plays on a lot of people’s minds. But it doesn’t have to, because with one treatment, you can make any fabric in your house pretty much impervious to fluid, dirt and even oil, for months on end.

Enter Forcefield Fabric Protector

forcefield fabric protectorForcefield is a specially created spray designed specifically to protect fabrics like nothing else can.

It’s a nanopolymer spray, which if you don’t know means that it covers whatever you spray it on to in a tiny little barrier that protects the fabrics underneath. Because it’s actually covering the strands of fabric that make up your couches and chairs, it means things like drink spills and dirty trousers don’t ever come into contact with the fabric itself, so it can’t bleed into it and cause permanent damage.

Nanopolymers like the type that make up this spray aren’t just water resistant either. They’re actually water repellent. That means that water literally can’t bond to it. It’s an impossibility. It’s really something to see a drink spilled onto something treated with this bead up and sit on top of it until you mop it up, like drops of oil on top of ice.

But because the molecules that make up the spray are so small, it’s absolutely undetectable once it’s been applied and given a few hours to cure. Your fabrics are going to look, smell and most importantly feel exactly the same.

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Forcefield is completely safe on every type of fabric, including really sensitive material like silks and velvets. It’s also safe to use on anything fabric in your house, so obviously your couch and other parts of your suite, but you can also use it on curtains, clothes, especially waterproof clothes, and shoes. It’s also perfect for vehicle use, including upholstered cars, campers, and even boats and planes.

All it takes is one spray, making sure you get an even coating, then leave what you’ve just treated for 24 hours, and it’s done. It’s recommended that you test spray an area first, just to be sure. I’ve never heard of anything reacting badly to Forcefield fabric protector, but you never know, right?

For leather couch

forcefield leather cleanerIf you happen to have leather couches, then Forcefield also make a leather cleaner and conditioner (>>> Check price on Amazon). Safe for all types of leather, this cleaning spray restores the look and color of leather by deep cleansing it and replenishing the natural oils that keep leather looking sleek.

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Finally, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere sunny, or you’ve got an open, airy house with large windows, it’s Forcefield sunblockworth considering Forcefield Sunblock fabric protector (>>> Check on Amazon). Safe to use alongside Forcefield fabric protector, Forcefield sunblock is, as the name suggests, specifically made to protect against UV damage from the sun’s rays.

We’ve all seen a carpet or couch that’s been left in the sun too long, and the unfortunate washed out look it ends up with. Forcefield sunblock prevents that, keeping your furniture looking as good as new, even when it sits in direct sunlight day after day.

Put all of this together and you’ve got everything you need to protect everything in your house from anything that might damage them. Food and spills, dirt, even the sun will just bounce off, leaving everything good as new! So why would you wait? Grab some today and get protected, because you never know when the worst might happen!

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