4 Tips on How to Easily Clean Between Car Seats

It never seems to take long for “things” to accumulate between, under, and around your car seats. After all that time that you spend polishing and shining your car’s exterior, the last thing you want to see when you open the door is a dusty, dirty mess. It’s important to regularly clean between and around the car’s seats but it can be tricky reaching these tight spaces. Here are a few tips to make this difficult process easier, without the necessity of removing the seats.

Tip #1: A No-Brainer – Remove What Has Been Stored Between the Seats

When you are on the move, it is convenient to deposit receipts, spare change, and papers in the console or between the seats. When you grab a snack or meal on the run, any crumbs or food particles that get “loose” seem to end up between the seats. You can’t clean it if you can’t get to it. In addition to all of this “stuff”, also remove your car’s floor mats.

Tip #2: Use Compressed Air

If you own an air compressor, that’s great. If you don’t, you can purchase cans of compressed air. Place the air nozzle between the seat and the console. Don’t move the air nozzle back and forth, move the seat forward and back as you blow the air. This will push all of the dust, dirt, food particles, and hair out from under and from along side the seats to a place where you can vacuum them up.

Tip #3: Don’t Skip the Seat Rails

This is a space that often gets overlooked. Start by moving the seat as far forward as you can, exposing as much of the seat rails as possible. Use a bristle brush in combination with a vacuum equipped with a crevice tool to sweep and vacuum any debris that has found its way onto the seat rails. A small paintbrush will work well to dislodge dirt along either side of the rails that may be difficult to reach otherwise.  Repeat this process on the front side of the seat by moving the seats as far back as possible.

Tip#4: Create a Custom Vacuum Attachment

You may not have a vacuum crevice tool, or maybe you just can’t remember where you have stored this seldom-used attachment. Don’t spend hours of time searching for it or run down to the store to buy a new one. Instead, grab an empty cardboard toilet paper tube or paper towel tube and use it to reach into those tight spaces between the seats. Push the tube onto the end of your vacuum hose and slightly flatten the other end. The tube acts has an extension that can be easily squeezed between the seats and the console.

Watch These Helpful YouTube Videos

Learning simple ways to clean between your cars seats can make a seemingly difficult task much easier. If you clean these areas on a regular basis, your car’s interior will stay in good shape for a lot longer. There are a number of videos on YouTube that you can watch for more details. These are two we recommended:

Keeping things clean and spotless on the inside is just as important as keeping things bright and shiny on the outside!