Plugging Those Leaks: K&W FiberLock Review

Cars are often the way we as people make our livings. Simply put, we need our cars for work, school, recreation, and everything in between. In other words, we seem to depend on our vehicles quite a bit. Now, when our cars break down, we are usually in a lot of trouble. It makes us late for work and all of that fun stuff.

Of course, bringing your car into the shop and having to use a tow truck to get it there is very costly. Not to mention the fact that repairs themselves are expensive too. Well, if the problem is some kind of block or gasket leak, you don’t need to bring your car into the shop. Just get K&W FiberLock. We have been using this stuff to fix automotive leaks for quite some time now and really could not be any happier. Let’s get on with our K&W FiberLock review!

K&W FiberLock Review

We have used this stuff for a multitude of purposes and the results have actually been pretty great. If the name of the game is plugging some sort of leak in your car, you should definitely check out K&W FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair. This particular sealant, if you want to call it that ( >>> OUR REVIEW OF TOP SEALANTS, is very long-lasting, it is really high quality, and it is much cheaper than going to an automotive repair shop too. There is also no ignoring the fact that K&W is a highly trusted and respected brand name when it comes to this kind of thing.

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Features & Benefits

There are a few different reasons why we really like this particular option, so let’s go over those right now. First off, this product may be labeled for use with cars, but that is just the beginning of it. You can use K&W FiberLock to repair leaks in cars, trucks, buses, SUVs, Pickup trucks, and even in boats too. It can technically even be used for small airplanes as well. You might not think it, but K&W FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair can cover and seal pretty much any kind of plastic or surface metal, and can even seal painted surfaces too. This is quite impressive no doubt.

Furthermore, while this product is advertised as being a solution to seal leaks in gaskets and engine blocks, it can also do a lot more than that as well. You can use K&W FiberLock to seal and repair various engine and car related components. It can be used to seal leaks in an anti-freeze canister, and yes, it is compatible with most kinds of anti-freeze. Moreover, it can also be used to seal leaks in head gaskets, the radiator, for coolant leaks, cylinder heads, freeze plugs, and heater cores too. Rest assured that if it leaks, K&W FiberLock can be used to effectively seal it. It’s a great solution if you want to fix your automobile, but don’t want to spend a fortune at an auto shop.

K&W FiberLock is very convenient too because all you need to do is pour it into the component of your choosing and it will get right to work. You will be able to drive your car literally just after a single hour, which is almost unheard of. Also, unlike many other solutions out there, K&W FiberLock uses military-grade fibers in combination with nanotechnology. We don’t want to get too deep into the science here, but it is important to note that this is a very permanent solution. K&W FiberLock is not just a temporary Band-Aid.


  • Fast-acting
  • Fairly permanent
  • Can be used for multiple types of leaks
  • Can be used for different types of vehicles
  • Great use of nanotechnology
  • Much cheaper than a car repair shop


  • May cause clogs in small tubing (on occasion)
  • Will not work on very large holes

K&W FiberLock Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, whether it’s an engine block, radiator, gasket, or coolant leak, K&W FiberLock is one of the best sealant solutions you could go with. It’s permanent, it’s strong, affordable, and easy to use too.