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What’s the best automotive ceramic coating you can buy?

Keeping our cars cleaned and pristine is harder than ever in today’s world. The air is full of aggressive chemicals pumped out by other drivers and businesses which corrode alloy wheels, the rain is acidic and can cause long term damage if it’s left to sit on your car. Even the sun washes out paintwork.

It’s all against you.

If you care about keeping your vehicle in top condition, you must to consider ceramic coating car & buying an aftermarket automotive ceramic coating. Your car already comes with a clear coating, but the coatings provided by most manufacturers aren’t the best quality and aren’t the most resistant.

That’s why you should buy a nano car ceramic coating. It’s the best protection possible. You can apply it in an afternoon at home, and once you’ve treated your car, it’s going to be safe for years to come.

With that in mind, here are our top 5 choices for the best ceramic coating car products you can currently buy.

Best Ceramic Car Coating Products in 2022

Name Durability Rating
CarPro CQuartz UK 2 years
Jax Wax Shield Ceramic Coating Kit 2 years
Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coatingr 3 years
Detail King Optimum Gloss Coat 3 years


Micro Detailer MD Ceramic Duo Pro

best ceramic coating for cars MD Ceramic ProIf you’re looking for the best, longest-lasting automotive ceramic coating on the market today, then we’d always recommend MD ceramic pro. It’s a fully permanent, strong bonding nanoparticle ceramic coating fluid, that lasts anywhere up to 7 years from one application. >>> Check price on Amazon

It’s so strong that the only way to remove it from a treated car, (or boat) is to literally sand or compound it off of the paintwork. It’s that tough.

As a ceramic nano liquid, once you’ve treated your car with this, you’re giving it the best protection possible. UV resistant, so sun damage is far less of a problem for your paintwork, chip and scratch resistance to stop the ever present threat of stone chips, twigs or being keyed. It’s even chemical and salt resistant, so acid rain, road treatments, and oil spills aren’t going to be a problem any more.

It really does do everything. It’s 9H hardness, which is so tough you literally need industrial tools to scratch through it, the kit comes with everything you need, including primer and microfibre application cloths, and you’re getting what we think is one of the best ceramic coatings for cars product.


  • Lasts up to 7 years!!
  • UV resistant
  • 9H hardness
  • Comes with microfibre application cloth


  • Cost more than competitor products

CarPro CQuartz UK 50 ml Kit

Iautomotive ceramic coating CarPro CQuartzf MD ceramic pro doesn’t take your fancy, then CarPro CQuartz is another excellent choice. We’ve reviewed CarPro products before, and found them to be consistently effective and pretty good value, despite being aimed at the higher end. >>> Check price on Amazon

Once applied, CQuartz ceramic car coating gives a deep, glossy finish to your paintwork, bringing any kind of paint and any color or style out to maximum vibrance. If you chose your car’s paintwork with the intent of turning heads, then you’ll definitely appreciate what this does.

It’s also amazing on glasswork, leaving it glossily waterproof and incredibly easy to clean. It does the same thing on paint, but it’s so much easier to see on a windscreen. Even if it does get dirty, one quick wipe with a clean cloth is enough to bring it to a mirror shine again.

The only downside with CQuartz? Because it’s a product intended for professionals, the application process is quite involved. It’s not difficult, but make sure you block out an entire afternoon. The results though, speak for themselves.


  • Also works on glasswork
  • Gives a deep, glossy finish
  • Good value


  • Longer application process

Jax Wax Shield Ceramic Coating Kit

automotive ceramic coating Jax Wax Shield If you’re looking for excellent protection but you need something that’s easier to apply than CarPro’s CQuartz, then Jax Wax is the answer. >>> Check price on Amazon

It comes in a really simple to use spray bottle. There’s no need to mess about with cloths or bars when you’re applying this to your car. Just spray it down evenly and buff it off.

Obviously, there are tradeoffs, and Jax Wax only protects your car for around 2 years per application. But considering how easy it is to reapply and how much you get with the kit, that’s not a problem. Just reapply it in two years and you’re good to go again. You get a helluva lot more than you might expect as well. Some products only give you around 50 – 100ml, enough for one car. You get over 400ml with this, so you can use it again and again.

It’s a strong and robust protector too. You can treat both paint and wheels with this, leaving them with a ceramic coating that’s UV, chemical and scratch-resistant. It’s not recommended on windows, though. So you’re going to have to do those yourself.

For ease of use and generosity of amount, it’s easy to see why people rely on Jax Wax to keep their cars safe. If you want the easiest application there is, you should too.


  • Easy to apply
  • Big 400ml spray bottle
  • Robust protection
  • Suitable for whee


  • Durability bit shorter than top competitors

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating

Wolfgang Uber ceramic car coatingCombining German efficiency and American technology, Wolfgang makes exceptional car cleaning products. The reason we’ve included this car ceramic coating product in our list, though? Utility. >>> Check price on Amazon

When you buy this, you’re still getting a quality product, the same as all the rest on our list. It’s still a ceramic nano liquid protector that’s going to keep your car safe from the sun, from weather, from scratches and scrapes. But what you’re really buying is something that’s going to perform, no matter what the situation or what you need.

You get enough to cover 3 separate vehicles, top to bottom, so you can treat the cars of everyone in the family. It’s also usable on absolutely everything on the outside of your car. It treats paintwork for 3 years, 2 years on wheels, and 1 year on glasswork.

So if you’re deliberating over all of the options available, and want the easy and safe choice? This is one the best ceramic coating for cars options. It’s going to work, no matter what. >>> You can check our full review of  wolfgang uber ceramic coating


  • German quality
  • Enough to protect 3 vehicles
  • Suitable for paintwork, wheels & glasswork
  • Up to 3 years protection


  • Pricey

Detail King Optimum Gloss Coat

ceramic coating car Optimum glossOur last choice, and the single quickest applying coating we’ve got today, unlike other choices than can take several hours or even a day to cure after application, you can see the difference with this automotive ceramic coating in just a few minutes. >>> Check price on Amazon

It does everything you want it to. It protects and enhances your vehicle’s paintwork, wheels and chroming, lasts around two years per application, and it’s surprisingly easy to apply, too.

There are a few minor issues, though. The pad that comes with this kit isn’t the best, and I wouldn’t recommend using it. It’s best to replace it with a microfibre cloth or pad that you can purchase yourself.

So what sets this one apart? The finish after later washings. It’s super protective against detergents and other chemical cleaners, and the polish and finish is unparalleled.


  • Quickest applying coating
  • Protective against detergents & other chemical cleaners
  • Suitable for paintwork, wheels & glasswork


  • Low quality application pad added