Wolfgang Uber

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating Review

You relentlessly pursue the best products for your car. You annoy your family with constant talk of the newest product you bought to get that ultimate shine. If this sounds like you, then you are our type of car enthusiast. We have a workshop dedicated to finding and testing the best car products available for maintaining the beautiful look of our cars.

One of the most recent products we put through our car care paces is a ceramic coating (>>> Check our review of ceramic coatings). Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is a premium coat designed to protect your paint and your shine for years. Wolfgang’s tagline is, “Uber Ceramic Coating provides protection measured in years, not weeks or months.”

We haven’t tested the performance over a period of years, but we do have a good idea of the application process and the early performance of this ceramic coating.


  • Lasts up to 3 years
  • Can be used for paint, wheels & glass
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Only have to apply once every few years
  • Makes routine washing easier
  • Protects paint from the road and environmental hazards


  • Needs a lot of  prep work
  • Hard to fix application mistakes once dried
  • Higher price tag

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating Review: Is Uber Really Super?

In German, the word “über” is a word that means above, over or superior. So Wolfgang is setting the bar very high. With just the name they are claiming that their ceramic coating is better than other similar coatings on the market. We have tested a few others out there on the market and pitted their performance against what we saw in Wolfgang’s ceramic coating (>>> Check review of ceramic coating by Cquartz)  .

One of our favorite features of the Uber Ceramic Coating is its versatility. With the proper prep work, you can apply the Uber coating to almost any vehicle surface. You can even use it on your glass surfaces to keep them protected and shiny.

Using a ceramic coating is more than just maintaining shine, though. The benefits of all the prep needed to apply a ceramic coating correctly translate into easier and more consistent maintenance. Ceramic coatings bond with your paint to create an armor shell. The result is a surface that is difficult for dirt, water, oils, and other road debris to stick. You spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your ride.

Wolfgang Uber in Action

When we put the Uber coating to the test, we were surprised by how quickly and easily it was to apply to our test car. The package comes with a coating applicator that fits surprisingly well in our hands and is comfortable to use.

The syringe style packaging makes it simple to get the perfect amount of coating that you need for the area you want to coat. After application, the excess solution wipes away quickly using a microfiber towel, which comes included.

The real difficulty comes in prepping the vehicle for the ceramic coating application. You have to make sure the paint is in pristine condition to get the most out of the ceramic coating. Without exact precision, you will find that the coating doesn’t bond correctly and will end in diminished performance.

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Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, here are our early impressions. The gloss of the Uber isn’t awe-inspiring but still makes the paint pop in the sun and under bright lights. We loved that we can use the Uber ceramic from top to bottom on our test cars. We have consistent protection from the tires to the roof that looks good and cleans easily.

When applying we have to echo the instructions, and comments from across the web, that recommend working in small areas at once. If you try to cover too large an area, you will find an uneven finish that is difficult to correct.

We can’t confirm that the Wolfgang Uber has an excellent performance that lasts three years, but our research and a scouring of the internet for other testers’ results have shown that the coating looks good for several months. A few testers we compared notes with had results that had strong performance well past a year.


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The Final Coat

The last word on the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is that it is a fantastic tool to add to your detailing kit. The price tag is a little higher than other options (>>> Check Ceramic Pro 9h price), but the performance is top-notch. A little goes a long way to create a complete car shield that lasts a long time and makes it easier to maintain the beauty and visual power of your favorite trophy.