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Top 5 Best Car Paint Protection Coating Products on the Market in 2022

We all try and keep our cars in the best condition possible. No one here would intentionally kerb their alloy wheels or drive close to a bush with wildly sticking out branches.

So why are you leaving the paintwork of your car vulnerable? Especially when you could take a single step that takes just a couple of hours and keep your paintwork cleaner, shinier, and much more resistant to scratches, dirt, water damage and sun exposure than any other treatment on the market.

All it takes is a single application of a nanotechnology paint treatment. In the past few years with the better economy and price of luxury cars only coming down, the market for paint treatments has exploded, and one product has shown itself again and again to be the best paint protection coating out there.

Name Lasting Rating
Color N Drive Deep Gloss 5 Years
Micro Detailer MD Ceramic 600 Pro 7 Years
Car Guys Hybrid Spray Wax Sealant 2 Years
PaintArmor DIY Paint Protection 3 Months
CarPro Ceramic Paint Protection Kit 2 Years

Nanotechnology based paint treatments

A few years back, nanotechnology based paint protection was only in the hands of the super rich, considering how damned expensive it was. But advances in technology and expansion of foreign markets like China have driven the prices down so that guys like you and me can pick up a comprehensive treatment for sometimes as little as fifty bucks!

But why is it so much better?

  • Unlike a traditional wax or other chemical treatment, a nanotech-based paint treatment literally bonds with the atoms in the paintwork of your car, forming an impenetrable, transparent shell over the surface.
  • It repels water, dirt, grease, oil, even UV light, which over the long term fades and washes out the color of your car’s paintwork. I’m sure we’ve all seen curtains that sit in the sun all day, and what it’s done to them. That’s UV damage.
  • It’s scratch resistant, up to 9H of hardness on some treatments, which only gemstones and industrial tools can scratch!
  • It lasts for ages. It’s usual to find treatments that last for 3 to 5 years, with just one application.
  • Because it’s another coating over the paintwork of your car, you don’t have to wash your car anywhere near as often, saving loads of time.


There are an awful lot of options out there, but we’ve narrowed it down into the five best car paint coating protection products out there, including a nanotechnology based wax!


#1: MicroDetailer MD Ceramic 7 Year Protection Kit

Another of the kits in our list, Microdetailer MD is a simpler option that comes with less extras and no flash, but still delivers solid protection for up to 7 years. >>> Check price on Amazon

As always, you’re getting everything you need, with the paint coating, paint prepping polish and finisher, as well as a bunch of microfibre cloths and sponges for application and finishing touches.

Intensely waterproof, as well as grit, dirt, and oil-resistant, this is an effective and cheap treatment for your car, and it’s usable on the paint, glasswork, exposed metalwork, and more.



  • Helps to remove old gloss & paint imperfections
  • Protects your car from multiple forms of damage
  • Includes application & polishing tools
  • Lasts for up to 5 years


  • 30 ml not enough for larger cars


#2: Car Guys Nano Wax Paint Sealer

So what if you don’t want to spend all day scrubbing down your car’s paintwork and hitting it with a paint treatment? What if you just want to wax it down, then spend the rest of the afternoon luxuriating in the sunshine with a cool beer? >>> Check price on Amazon

Well then, you need this. Car Guys Professional Detailing Paint Sealant Wax. It gives you all the ease of use and deep shine of car wax, with the full toughness of the best car paint protection coatings on the market.

Don’t worry though, just because this is a wax with all this new fangled tech added in, it’s not any harder to apply. In fact, because it sinks into your car’s paintwork and bonds like it does, it’s actually easier to apply than traditional wax. On top of that, it’s environmentally friendly, meaning it’s draining safe and you can’t be fined for flushing the wastewater off. Plus it’s made in the good ol’ USA, and everyone loves supporting homegrown products.




  • Top class wax & paint sealant in one
  • Complete detailing kit
  • USA made
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Applicator is too small


#3: PaintArmor Nano Coat

A lot of these kits and waxes are still pretty expensive, and sometimes you just need a simple bottle of product that you can grab and slap down onto the paint of your car for a quick fix without worrying about breaking the bank. >>> Check price on Amazon

If that’s the case, this is the best car coating option out there.

Not only is it cheap. (Real cheap.) But it still gives you great protection, with the same level of protection as the more expensive sealants, though only for a maximum of a few months.

It’s easy to apply as well, and can be applied by anyone with damn near any tool. Hell, crack out the brushes from the last time you painted your house and get it done. (disclaimer. Please don’t do this. )


  • Great value for money
  • Easy to apply
  • Large capacity
  • Made in USA


  • Last only for about 3 months

#4: CarPro Ceramic Paint Protection Kit

Great kit set, CarPro’s option comes with everything you need to prepare and apply one of the best car paint protection coating products out there to your car with the minimum of fuss and difficulty. >>> Check price on Amazon

This kit requires you to prepare and finish the surface of your car before you apply it, but once you do you’ve got a solidly protected, nigh on diamond hard coating over the whole of your car.

On top of the basics, one thing we love about this set is the extras. It comes with two things we think are amazing, and that’s the Reload spray and Iron X wheel protection.

Reload is a booster spray that you can use on its own to give your car, or any other hard surface a two month protective coating (even glass!) or use with the paint protection every few months as a top up and extra layer of defense.

Iron X is a specifically designed wheel coating. As your wheels are the closest part of your car to the road, they take the most hammering from chemicals, salts, and oils, and they need the toughest protection available. This gives it to them. Overall, this is an amazing set. It just loses out to Nanotol in sheer convenience.


  • Durable glass-like protection
  • Anti-static, weather-resistant nano coating
  • Good water repellent
  • Protects against all forms of damage to pain


  • No applying instructions
  • The bottle of Iron X seems to be bit of a waste

#5: CeNano Nanotol Combo Kit

nanotol combo kit

CeNano’s Nanotol complete car protection kit.It comes with everything you need to both treat your car and maintain it once it’s treated, including the treatment itself, sponges and cloths, and a specially formulated shampoo, the importance of which we’ll discuss in a minute.

The best thing about it, though, is the treatment itself. A lot of traditional nanotechnology paint treatments need you to scrub your car’s paintwork down before you apply it and make sure that it’s absolutely clean and free of particulates. This isn’t particularly hard, but it is time consuming.

The Nanotol kit though comes with a 2 in 1 treatment solution that cleans as it goes, meaning you can apply it to your car’s surface without any major preparation and come out the other side with no issues, making your job a whole lot simpler and worry free.

Then there’s the shampoo. This is perfectly designed to work in unison with the paint coating. According to the manufacturers, it both cuts down on cleaning time, scything through dirt, grime, and grease, and keeps your car cleaner for longer, meaning you don’t actually have to clean it as often.

It lasts around 3 years, as well, so when you purchase this you’ll know that you won’t have any worries for the next 36 months. That’s the sort of peace of mind that’s worth any amount of money, in my mind.


So there you go. The top 5 best car paint protection coating products out there right now. When you want your car looking the best, you want the best car coating products available to do it, and any of these will do the job. Grab one today and get working on it.