Ceramic Pro 9h set

Is Ceramic Pro 9H worth the price in 2022?

Cars keep evolving, and so do the ways we protect them. The latest innovation is ceramic paint protection. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry. Up until recently, neither had I. Not until I visited a friend and saw his brand new Range Rover sitting gleaming on his front drive.

As we were talking, I brought it up, and asked him why it wasn’t in his garage, and if he wasn’t worried about it getting damaged or rained on, especially since it looked like he’d just had it detailed. Learn about Ceramic Pro 9h price & benefits in this Ceramic Pro 9h review below!

He said he didn’t care, because when he bought it he’d had it treated with ceramic paint coating. Oh, and it hadn’t been cleaned or polished in over a week.

I had to do my own research, and when I found out exactly what ceramic coatings do for your car I was a convert for life.

Basically put, normal protection for cars is polish and wax. This does the job, but polishes and waxes sit on the surface of the car, so over time they wear away, get scrubbed off by the wind and the rain, so a few days after you’ve gone through the trouble of cleaning and polishing your car, you might as well have not bothered.

Ceramic coatings don’t do this. Instead, they bond with your paintwork on a nanomolecular level, sitting on top of your paintwork and refusing to be worn away by anything save time. And because they bond with your paintwork rather than just sitting on top of it, treatments like this last anywhere from one or two to five plus years!

Now, my friend recommended a 9H Car Coating by Nanoformula as his coating of choice. He said it was what was used on his car. I looked it up, and I have to say I agree.

Ceramic Pro 9h Review

Especially formulated to provide the best protection possible, 9H paint protection is the hardest ceramic protection product out there. That’s what the 9H in the name means. It’s a scale of hardness for tempered glass, and 9H specifically means it’s tough enough to be scratch proof to anything that’s not a literal gemstone or corundum, which is an aluminum compound tough enough to put a dent in damn near anything. >>> Check price on Amazon

So when it’s on your car, you no longer have to worry about those minor issues like grit and dust or wince in pain every time a branch runs along the side of your car, worrying if it’s just gouged a slice out of your baby.

But it’s more than just scratch protection. Ceramic car coatings like 9H protect your car against anything that might do damage to it, especially the things we might not consider, like the sun and rain. Now, you’re smart, I’m sure you know that the sun bleaches out the paint on your car and every drop of rain is slightly acidic. So if you leave your car exposed to the elements, over time the paint quality degrades, with nothing you can do about it?

Well, ceramic car paint treatments are proof against this. They don’t stop it entirely. Nothing can save breaking the laws of physics, but they’re literally the best thing you can do to prevent long term degradation of your car’s paintwork, a tired looking car, and loss of value if you ever come to sell it.

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So how does Ceramic Pro 9H protect your car?

  • First, it acts as a hydrophobic barrier. Because it’s so smooth and static free, water can’t bond with it in any way, there’s no surface tension for it to hold on to, so it beads up and slides off of the paintwork immediately.
  • It’s UV resistant, which is what you need because it’s the UV that does the damage to your paintwork. The same as it does damage to our skin if we’re exposed to it for too long. By blocking some of the UV rays, it slows the effects of UV damage, as if it were a sunblock.
  • It lasts for an extremely long time. Because it is so hard, it lasts forever. The manufacturers say it will last around 5 years or around one hundred car washes. Whatever comes first, which makes the Ceramic Pro 9H price more than worth it. Thats crazy to me. That means you can set aside a single day and be secure for pretty much the entire working life of your car.
  • It’s easy to apply, taking maybe an hour or two. Plus the set comes with enough coating that you can easily cover two cars, so you can sleep easy knowing you aren’t gonna get any jealous looks from the wife!
  • It’s convenient to get hold of. No heading down to your local garage and listening to them try and upsell you for ten minutes. You can just order it online.
  • It’s not expensive. In fact, the Ceramic Pro 9H price is incredibly reasonable, especially when you consider the other products on the market. It normally goes for somewhere around one to one hundred fifty bucks. I grabbed mine for a hundred when it was on sale.

So let’s answer the question that’s on your mind.

Is Ceramic Pro 9H priced right? Am I getting my money’s worth?


Definitely yes. Not only does my car look so much cleaner and shinier, it’s a weight off my mind knowing that she’s gonna look this good in four or five years time. That I don’t have to obsessively check every inch of her every time I get out just in case I missed a bird dropping. That my wheels are protected from oil runoff, salt spray and antifreeze corrosion.

Is this the only product like this on the market?

No. But in my opinion, this is one of the best, if not the best

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