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Cosmetic Perfection: What Does Waxing a Car Do?

The shine, the glimmer, the reflection, the drool oozing from your mouth; these are all the visual effects of applying a good wax job to a car. We’ve all seen examples of automotive perfection cruising down the street, your reflection so perfect in the waxed paint that you almost swear you see yourself sitting behind the wheel. You snap out of your daydream and realize that the owner must have spent considerable effort on the wax job. But what does waxing a car do?

When it comes to waxing your car, it is hard to see the practical reasons for taking the time and effort needed to correctly apply a coat of wax to your car. We can guarantee you, that if you apply the proper products, like from our list here, and techniques, waxing your car is very much worth the effort. Below are a few simple, but important benefits of waxing your car.

Clear Coat

In the early days of car history waxing was literally just a way to make the car shiny. Traditional paint was a dull luster that made cars look more like they were absorbing light, rather than making the car shine.

Along came the 1980’s and the invention of clear coat. Clear coat is a sealant integrated into modern waxes that actually protects the paint. Think of it like a suit of invisible armor gently hugging your car while beating away all the threats the world will try to throw at it.

Additional sealants and protectants like Teflon and polymer further protect your car’s paint, and can even restore the power of your clear coat.

Waxing makes washing easier

You may have herd the saying, “do more work now to avoid work later.” In the case of waxes, this could not be more true. When you apply a wax to your car it creates a barrier that makes it harder for bugs, dirt, sap, and hurled eggs to stick to your car. We aren’t saying that your car won’t get dirty, but the wax will male all the much easier to get off.

Keep your car’s painted personality

You love your car, and don’t want that paint to fade into a muddled conglomeration of grey and ugly. The paint is the personality of your car, and helps you stand out in traffic.

Without the protection of the wax, dirt and debris are able to make contact with the smooth paint finish that makes your car the wondrous marvel that is the envy of the parking garage. Ultraviolet rays from the sun, wind, salt, and even bird poop wear down the layers of paint on your car. You can tell a car that doesn’t get a good wax by the uneven shine and not shine.

Ward of chips and scratches

Ok, at the risk of killing the armor metaphor, we want to throw another layer on.  Few things are more frustrating than having your beautiful car nicked and scratched by a careless passenger door, a miss placed key trying to open a car door, or a windblown branch mercilessly assaulting your car. The additives in waxes absorb the light scratches and chips before they can get to the paint.

Also, waxes can fill in some lighter scratches that are preexisting in your paint. Filling them in cannot repair the scratch, but it can reduce their appearance. The little wax you just applied can help keep your car beautiful until you can get a proper repair done.


What does waxing your car do? Well, it makes your car looking amazing. If that isn’t enough, applying wax to your paintjob will protect it against the rigors of the rough life of a car. So, the next time you go to clean your car, don’t forget to spend a little extra time and apply a good coat of wax. Our review about top ceramic waxes for cars might be useful.