Best Automotive Clear Coat Spray Can in 2022

You want your car to shine like a diamond ring, reflecting the sun’s rays in a shower of hypnotizing color for everyone you pass on the street. You’ve got the color picked and the car washed, now finish it off the best automotive clear coat spray can to add that glimmer.
Clear coat doesn’t just add shine to your car, though. When you use the best automotive clear coat spray, you also get long-lasting and durable protection to your hard-earned paint job. The clear coat is that final step in your car’s paint job that acts like an invisible shield protecting your it from environmental hazards that dull and destroy your paint job. Clear coating your paint will protect it from the dulling effect of ultra-violet rays, birds divebombing your car, neighborhood hooligans throwing eggs, and other similar parts of life that seem to exist only to destroy your paint job.
To give you a leg up in creating the shine and protection you need, we’ve put together this list of the 6 best automotive clear coat spray options that are fast, easy, and effective.

Best Automotive Clear Coat Spray Cans Comparison 2022

Name Size Rating
Max 2k Clear Glamour 2 x 11.8 oz.
Maxima SC1 Clear Coat 2 x 12 oz.
PlastiKote 1000 Universal 11 oz.
Max 2K Clear Coat Semi Matte 11.4 oz.
KBS Diamond Finish Clear 15 oz.
CLEAR#1 High Gloss Coat 15 oz.

USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol

USC automotive clear coatUnited States Chemical & Plastics has designed a large line of high-quality car finishing products that help you transform your paint job from start to finish. Their commitment to excellence extends to the USC Spray Max 2K Clearcoat. >>> Check price on Amazon
The 2K Clearcoat comes in a high gloss finish formula that will make your paint job shine brighter than your wife’s favorite star. The even spray created by the nozzle helps to create an easy coating process without missing a spot. The coverage capability of the USC Spray Max 2k will depend on how thick of a cot you lay down and how many coats you want to do. One source stated that 2 cans of Spray Max 2K give a coverage area equivalent to about a can of paint.
Fortunately, you can buy multi-packs of the 11. 8-ounce, which we recommend, that will provide you more than enough of the spray you need to get a good glossy sheen and thick protection you want.


  • Even and consistent spray
  • Creates a high gloss shine
  • Professional quality results
  • Blends well with the paint coat


  • Takes two days for a full cure
  • Requires respirator for safe use

Maxima SC1 Clear Coat Silicone Aerosol Spray

Maxima’s SC1 clearcoat is your go-to shine builder for almost any project you have. Maxima bills this clearcoat spray as specifically formulated for powersports. You can use the clearcoat spray on everything from wheelbarrows to boats, some guys like a shiny wheelbarrow. You can effectively coat painted metals, fiberglass, and plastic with the same performance standard. >>> Check price on Amazon
The silicone base of the Maxima SC1 is a great dirt and mud deterrent for your busy work truck or for your off-road toys. The formula is anti-adhering, so mud may hit but come cleanup time it will slide off quickly and easily. You get to spend more time playing and relaxing with less time spent cleaning up after the off-road party. SC1 also has water resistance formulated into its composition that allows it to stand up against rains or the occasional dip while putting your ski boat in the water.
The high gloss finish makes anything look good and impressive. Maxima makes the SC1 available in a 12-ounce can that you can pick up in packs of up to 12, so you can add a great clearcoat to all your cars and toys.


  • Has a fresh scent that won’t gag you while working
  • Keeps road grime from sticking to your car
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky coating
  • Keeps even your old cars looking new


  • Doesn’t last as long as some competitors
  • Excess can be tough to wipe off

PlastiKote 1000 Universal Clear Coat Automotive Touch-Up Paint

PLASTIKKOTE clear coat spray canValspar’s PlastiKote clearcoat spray is the tough guy on the clearcoat block. When properly applied, the PlastiKote creates a barrier that adds not only shine but also helps prevents nicks and scratches to your paint. You will also get the benefit of added protection against tarnishing, hazardous weather, UV rays, and rust. >>> Check price on Amazon
PlastiKote comes in two clear to instantly match up with the meticulously maintained color of your car, and a flat black to add that extra shine to your black beauty. Valspar’s formula lets you use a single product to add a top coat and clear coat in one process. Instead of having to buy two different cans, you cut your time and labor by half.


  • Good to use for touch-ups and restoring your car’s paint
  • Fast drying
  • Even spray
  • Matches well with current paint color


  • Color dulls after only a few months on plastic parts
  • The can is a little harder to use than a spray gun

Spray Max 2K Clear Coat Semi Matte

The Spray Max 2K Semi-Matte is the first clear coat we recommend if you are more of the mid to have a nice smooth look to your paint job instead of a reflective shine. We think this makes your car look more tough and rugged than showy, we like tough and rugged.
The satin, low luster finish still gives you the same level of paint job protection that you would expect from a quality clear coat spray. So, you don’t have to worry about damaging UV rays just because your car doesn’t shine like a mirror. The Spray Max 2K dries to a hard finish that increases the durability of your new clear  coat. >>> Check price on Amazon
The 11.4-ounce can is a little smaller than some of the others on our list, which means you will need an extra can or so to coat your whole car, but we believe it is worth it for the professional level results you get from a spray can.


  • Easy to use
  • Resistant to fuel and other chemicals
  • Smooth satin finish


  • Requires the use of a respirator

KBS Coatings 8114 Clear High Gloss Diamond Finish Clear Aerosol

KBS clear coat sprayThe professional fan pattern spray of the KBS Coatings clearcoat spray is a highlight of this product. We love a wide and even fan spray that gives us a good amount of coverage without sputtering and making out spray job look more like a Jackson Pollack painting. >>> Check price on Amazon
KBS Diamond clearcoat is flexible enough of a spray that it can be applied to both painted and unpainted surfaces. This is great for motorcycles that you want to have the minimalist look, including the paint job. You can also use it on your wheel rims to add shine and protection against road gunk and debris. (>>>You may also want to read this Best wheel wax guide) The Formula is designed to stand up against almost any environmental hazards without yellowing, peeling, or cracking.
KBS’s Diamond clear coat comes in both high gloss and satin finishes that let you touch up different areas of your car with the specific finish that you want. Think of the Chevy Avalanche type cars that have a shine to the paint job with matte accented plastics. This is the perfect combo to help you achieve that contrast look.


  • Good resistance to UV radiation and chemical exposure
  • Hard finish helps resist scratching
  • Smooth and easy application
  • Good for restoring faded and damaged clearcoats


  • The high gloss doesn’t shine as well as other clearcoat sprays

U-Pol Products  CLEAR#1 High Gloss Coat

If you are looking to touch up your existing clearcoat then U-Pol’s Clear #1 is a good option to start with. The clear formula is designed to blend with existing clearcoats to restore shine and protection to worn down or peeling layers. You can also use to provide UV protection for water-based coatings to add that extra shine and defense. >>> Check price on Amazon
If you take your time and apply the U-Pol Clear #1 clearcoat it will create a watertight seal that will protect your existing paint or clear coat.


  • Dries to a smooth
  • Provides professional quality results
  • Gives a nice bright gloss


  • Can run if you apply too much
  • Will need multiple cans for an entire car (not a real con, but wanted you to be aware)

Choosing a Clearcoat

Before we send you off to shine up your new paint job with best automotive clear coat spray can we thought we throw too vital clearcoat spray features your way to help make sure you get what you need and the results you want.


The gloss level of the clearcoat is what determines the amount of shine you will have after the gloss is applied and allowed to dry. When selecting your clearcoat you want to make sure that you select a gloss level that reflects how shiny you actually want your car to be. If you just want a protector that doesn’t gleam like our diamond ring comparison, make sure you grab a can that has a satin or low gloss finish.

Coverage Area

Ok pretty basic, but make sure you get enough clear coat spray to adequately cover your car. You don’t want to waste your time providing a layer that is too thin that it doesn’t protect your car or wears away easy. We are proponents of doing the job right the first time, and making sure you have a little more than you need is always better than running short and doing a crummy job.