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How To Remove Scuff Marks From Car Door Panels

So, it appears that you have unintentionally contributed to the development of scuff marks on your car door panels while entering and exiting your car on a regular basis. Well, you should feel better knowing that scuff marks are just one of those things that are found in every single car in the world.

Is there a decent way to get rid of the scuff marks you ask? Well, removing the unattractive scuff marks from your car door panels need not necessarily be a monumental undertaking. You have a wide range of options available, depending on the severity of the scuff. For instance, you can either use a degreaser specifically created for auto interiors or even make your own vinegar-based cleaner.

Top methods how to remove scuff marks from car door panels

However, if you are looking for guaranteed results, we would recommend you to make full use of the product, Magic Sponge. (>>>You can check it’s  price on Amazon here) Boasting of the latest microcell sponge technology, the foam/sponge possesses exemplary cleaning properties and is fully capable of getting into the tiny grooves and pits of the car door panels. In addition to that, the magic sponge also features an extremely fine abrasive quality that allows it to remove stubborn scuffs and marks from your car door panels.

If we are to be honest, scuff marks are, at a level, just unavoidable. Hence, it is imperative for you to know how to remove them!

So, the question arises—how can you effectively use a magic sponge?

It wouldn´t be far-fetched to state that using the magic sponge is as easy as a walk in the park. First, you will need to dampen the sponge with water or an interior scuff cleaner. Then, you will need to rub over the offending marks and scuffs on your car door panels until the scuffs disappear. After that, all you will need to do is to use a clean damp cloth to wipe over the cleaned area to ensure that there is no residue left. Then, you should proceed to dry off the area. It is as simple as that!

You can also use your very own vinegar-based cleaner with the magic sponge to get rid of the scuff. In order to create your vinegar-based cleaner, all you will need to do is to combine equal quantities of water and white vinegar. Then, you should pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the solution onto the scuffed surface. You should spray enough to saturate the scuffed portions of the car door panels. After that, you can start using the magic sponge to wipe the solution away. When doing so, you should be careful to only use long, even strokes. When you are done, you can wipe away the residue with a microfiber towel. If you want to get rid of deep and serious scuffs, you can consider adding baking soda to your cleaning solution for a little extra abrasion.

Using an auto interior degreaser

If your homemade cleaner proves to be ineffective, you should spare no expense in purchasing an auto interior degreaser. >>>Check wide range of auto interior degreasers on Amazon here.

However, it is imperative for you to be careful while using a degreaser. Since it is a concentrated product, you will need to dilute the solution before using it. Basically, you should attempt to dilute your degreaser in four parts of water. After mixing the solution with water, you can put the mixture into a spray bottle. And, you must have guessed already; you are now all set to spray the scuffed surfaces with the solution. After that, you should scrub the problem areas with your magic sponge/magic eraser. For tight and difficult-to-reach areas, you can try using a hard bristle toothbrush.

You should continue scrubbing until you have completely removed the scuff. What comes after that you ask? Well, after you are done buffing out the scuff, you will notice that there are light debris and residue that need to be taken care of. You should proceed to wipe them away with a dry microfiber cloth. The use of a microfiber cloth ensures that you are left with a lint-free finish.

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